I’m just a girl who like to call myself “su”. Am i special?  Yes of course, since i believe that everyone is special!!

I love arts, now u know the reason why i put “soe_the _arts” there, on front of this page.

I’m a bit crazy about freedom, and think myself as a free creature in this universe.  If u see me as a caged creature, may God has mercy on me for my blindness.

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  1. we want more humors from you soe :)))))) :p

    thanks kakigatel udah di listed di blog kamu yahh, so far baru 2 referral but hey it’s better than nothing right ….

    viva KG *narcistodamax …

  2. I truly like your blog, keep writing 🙂

  3. Cahaya

     /  22/11/2012

    Sepertinya seorang pecinta alam 🙂

  4. Okky

     /  26/11/2014

    I like your journey !! 🙂

  5. Jonathan S

     /  11/04/2016

    halo bisa minta email nya? ini dari Bedjo’s Porc Bistro


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