# 8 South Korea in the end of April 2015 : Sketches From Korea

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# 7 South Korea in the end of April 2015 : Adventure In Jeju




Artwork of the month : Jungle Silhouette


Illustrated Recipe : Pecel Sayur Indonesia

Sayur Pecel Indonesia

Pecel Sayur Indonesia

Recipe for the peanut sauce :

250 gr roasted peanut, clean the husk

15 gr salt

1,5 lime leaf

a bit of aromatic ginger

a bit of tamarine.

Cayenne pepper (you like it hot? Add more!)

1,5 clove garlic



Edisi makan-makan : Bedjo’s Porc Bistro – Surabaya

bedjo's pork ribs Surabaya

Bedjo’s Porc BistroSurabaya
Ruko Platinum Plaza Sukomanunggal Jaya 2E, Surabaya

Perjalanan Panjang menuju Pulau Derawan

map derawan

– Rent car dari Berau ke Tanjung batu : Pak Benny 081332158092. Harga +/- 800rb-1jt PP xenia avanza.

РTravel regular  harga nya +/- 70rb/orang tapi jam terbatas

– Sewa speed dari Tanjung Batu ke Derawan PP + island hoping kelilingnya: Pak Burhan 085246808434

– Makanan di Derawan : Bu Lisda 081346671551. Beliau juga penjaga guesthouse Danakan. Jadi bisa booking kamar di beliau juga

– Sewa mask, snorkel, life vest, dan fin: Pak Ketut 08135017114 harga 25rb/item/hari. Beliau juga sewakan speedboat & bisa uruskan booking kamar di BMI Derawan dive resort

– Makanan di Berau bisa pesan : Ibu Sus 081350595475. Ikan patin, ikan putihan, udang galah

Food Sketch

food sketch 2

Food Sketch

Food Sketch

6# 30 days stiching my Eurotrip dream : It Was Damn Cold!! U Know!!

Besides those apparels i bought, i also bought a brand new sketch book, and Sakura traveling brush. I had bought Cotman traveling pallet a few months before. It’s been a kind of “dream” for me, to do sketch outdoor in Europe….. hahahaha!!

When my sister saw those new drawings tools, she could not hide her giggle. I think she meant it to show her opinion! I knew what was in her mind!! She¬† was sure i would not draw anything during my trip!!! How mean! I meant, seriously, she is mean, right! Right?? Hellow….. deep inside my heart, honestly, i’m kind of agree with her…. hahahaha!!

And, what was the result??

The result is…….. Com’on! It was damn cold outside! How can i put my sketch book out from my bag?? I can’t even put my hands out of my pocket!! But, remembering her giggle, i forced myself to draw something, though…… Here it is! The autumn leaves at Le parc de l’Orangerie, Strasbourg!! Well, it looks simple, but please…. believe me, my hand was damn cold, it started to shake, while i repacked all my drawing stuffs…..


Here is another drawing from Paris. I made the sketch in Zig Zag cafe, Paris, while waiting for my CS host. I colored it recently, at home…..


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