#14 Europe Chapter 2 : Bus Problem in Munich

I was less than 24 hr in Munich. Actually, i kind of avoid Germany on this trip, but at the end i visited Munich and Nuremberg. I have a friend studying in Nuremberg, I haven’t seen her for quite a long time. We were not really that close, when she was still in Surabaya. But since she moved to germany, we talked more on FB. Weird isn’t it? Hahaha! Anyway, when i planed my trip, i know i would need to pass Germany, unless i would like to take a plane, and i won’t. So, why not visiting her in Nuremberg!

I took a train from Hallstatt – Austria to Munich – Germany. From Munich, i would take a bus ride to Nuremberg. From Nuremberg, another bus ride to Brussels – Belgium. The bus was damn cheap! From Munich to Nurember was EUR 5, while Nuremberg to Brussels was EUR 9. Of course, it cost a lot compare to bus ride in my cheap-home-country-Indonesia. But…… the  bus was better a lot. Unlike buses in Indonesia that ugly and almost fell apart, bus in western europe are in perfect shape. Every passenger got a proper seat, with fix seat number. They would make proper stop along the way. They drive safely, so we don’t need to pray along the way. And they are supposed to be on time, or at least consider as one. Well….. wait till my story end…..  Flixbus apparently become the biggest bus company in western europe now. They bought smaller bus companies, add more bus, and more lines. Friend of mine keep on telling me that Flixbus kind of doing monopoly, and it is illegal, actually. It price also amazingly cheap……. and it is kind of illegal as well, said him. I think he have been adopt the western mind lately. As an Indonesian, i’m still thinking that the cheaper the better! hahaha!

I got 1 text message from Flixbus when i was in Munich, a day before my departure schedule. It was written in Deutch (what elase), it shows some number, i just don’t understand. The next early morning, i walked to the bus station, i was 1 hour early from my departed time. Once i got there, i tried to figure out how the system works, and where to wait for my bus, and i kind of find it.

After sometimes, i asked bus crew about my bus. He said, my bus was canceled (WHAT??) and it have replaced. I showed him the text i got on my phone. He said, it was written that i got replacement bus, the number was written on the text as well (GREAT!) The replacement bus was there on front of me, and it would leave about 15 min later than my original bus.  Oh yeaaaahh!! That’s transport management, in Germany level!!

BUT!!!….. here come the but.

When i was about to jumped to the bus, the crew bus just rejected me! I showed him the text, and my original ticket. He just don’t care. He told me to go to office to sort things out (FUCK!) So, i went to the office, across the bus park. It was small office with small rather unorganized counter. There were some customer there, while behind the counter, there was only 1 guy!! Fuck and fuck!! After i got my talking turn, i told him my problem. He said, my bus was delayed for 3 hr. I could wait if i want to. BAD option! The other option is, i need to go to the ticket office up stair, ask for refund, or another bus that leave earlier. Another BAD option!!

My english was not good, neither did that guy in the counter, i believe! But it just could not stopped myself from yelling and rumbling about this horrible situation. “I came from developed country! I’m used to this kind of shit. But i’m in Germany now! I was not expecting this situation from Germany!!”

I didn’t really know, if my anger had really moved him. Or he simply just realized he has another option. He make sure that i need to go to Nuremberg, grabbed my ticket, and rushed toward a bus. I followed him instantly. He scribbled on my ticket, handed it to the bus crew, and told him i need to go to Nuremberg.

That’s it….. I get a bus, 30 min later from my original bus………

16# 30 days stiching my Eurotrip dream : Old Building Fetish

That’s me, “Old building fetish”. 

When i stopped at Pisa, Italy to see the famous leaning tower, i found that the city it self much more impressive than the Tower. Ok, the tower was great, lots of history, miracle, and beautiful somehow, but, it doesn’t mean that we can forget the rest of the city, and focus only on the tower. That would be a shame. Pisa city have been marked in the earth even before 5th century BC! That’s really old! I wonder if there are still some reminds from that days, i’m not sure.The Pisa city are old, rustic, and charming at the same time. I love to walks in narrow alley between building,  I can almost hear the building whispering their stories on my ear!! *Yuck!TooPoetic!*

I walked from Centrale train station to the tower, it took me around 40 min to get there. Not that far actually, but i stop to have my breakfast on a cafe, stop to make pictures, well, thousand of them, checking interesting alley, got lost…. and finally, the Tower! I had  goosebumps when in one turn, suddenly i saw the Tower peeking up in between old buildings!

EUR a1

Well, i didn’t spent much time there, just a couple hours. I took a train from Rome to Pisa early in the morning. I was arrive at Pisa around 9 am,  left my bag in the locker, and started to find my way to the tower. If i’m not mistaken i saw “bagagli” sign  (locker) in every train station i stopped in Italy.  It cost around 5 UER for the first 5 hours. I left Pisa to Florence by train after lunch. I booked the train from Rome to Pisa via Trenitalia, before i left Indonesia. To be more flexible, i bought my ticket from Pisa to Florence, on the spot.  No worries, there are plenty of trains from Pisa to Florence.

The same reason, “Old building fetish”, brought me to Strasbourg, France.

Some friends asked my why the hell i want to visit that city? The name, are sooo not popular, not even listed anywhere in tour packages. How did it get to my itinerary?? Well, i googled “must visit place in France”, and they gave me this beautiful city name, together with Colmar. They’ll called Alsace area, the vineyard and winery center. Strasbourg and Colmar looked similar, both beautiful, charming, and……. of course, old! I choose Strasbourg at the end, coz it was easier to get there, as it is the capital of Alsace.

All pictures in the net suggested that this city is absolutely fairy tale look! Wood framed houses lining in the riverside, meandered cobble stone path under the trees, arches stone bridges stretched across the mirror-like canals……  My brain screamed, “That’s definitely an experience i want to get!!” So, that’s it,  i skipped Belgium…… The persian born NZ guy i met in Rome was a bit surprised to know that i would visit Strasbourg. He said the city was kind of disappointing. I told him, i wanna visit it, cos it is fairy tale looks. He agreed, that it is fairy tale looks, but still, he didn’t like it. He said the city is kind of fake…….

EUR a2So….. what did i get? I got…. beautiful experience! I met great CS host, and the old city was truly great! I love it! Those old houses in Petite France are so cute and photogenic.  In fact, the whole old city part are photogenic! It was really hard to remove my index finger from the shutter button! Something else, Strasbourg apparently not just “old-charming”, it is also “contemporary-artistic”. In some part of the city there are some modern, or i could say ultra modern looks, and it was blending beautifully with the old one.

Visiting castle is one of my dream. Why? Because i’m “Old building fetish”

At the fist time i saw Neuschwanstein  in a photography book, i fell in love with that Bavarain Castel. I even draw it in watercolor, and put the tittle “dream” on it. That’s how much i love that building. For me, castle is one of a kind architecture. It have been standing tall in a really long time, they’re strong, and yet aesthetic. I believe it was no autoCad when they planned it.  They didn’t use 3Ds max, to do presentation. They have no ready mix pile, when built it. But, that building standing longer than modern houses……  That’s impressive!! These castle usually using special technology to maximize the limited source they had at that time. Such as, how to warm the rooms during winter without electric heating, how to keep the study room lit up without bulb, how to keep fresh fruit vegetable without refrigerator, bla bla bla….. that is, once again, awesome!!   

So, I didn’t go to Neuschwainstein, i went to Burg Eltz instead. Why? Because, Mr. BB *my German friend* brainwashed me that Neuschwainstein is not so old, it is tourist trap, it is really cheesy so it could possibly turn me into a cheddar cheese, if i visited it! So, I googled more burg and castle in German. Actually, there are lots of castle there, almost every city have it. Some of them are ruined already, some are well maintain, and mostly, it is a touristic spot. Usually burg/castle also run a good restaurant, so, people come to eat fancy good food there. Important things about visiting burg is, their opening time are seasonal. Lots of Burg closed during winter.

EUR a3

At the first time i saw this Burg Eltz in the net, i feel in love with it! It is cute, romantic, surrounded by forest, and it is calling me! Mr. BB agreed that Burg Eltz is beautiful, and he would happy to take me there. The outside part of the castle are more or less free, no admission fee. They run 2 restaurant in there, where we can eat fine cake and good steak. Get inside the castle have to be in a guided group, it cost 9 EUR. They provide some guides with choices of language, too bad,  bahasa Indonesia are not available.  My English guide have a “medieval looks” heeheehee!! At the first glance i saw him, i feel like have been seen him in Robbin Hood movie scene, in his Pastoral robe! Mr. BB  frowned when i told him about it. But…. after a few minutes watching him on front of the old burg door, waiting for the group to get in, Mr. BB started to agree with me. Heeheehee! While i was wandering from room to another room, i started asked myself, do the Germany people less tall in the old time? Because, all the doors are quite low and narrow. I can get trough easily though, but the other Caucasian have to bent a bit.  Well, generally i could say that burg Eltz is cute, i mean…..in dimension ways. There have no halls inside, well, they have one hall only, and it was not big. All rooms are narrow, and so with the stairs, and…. doors. It was a bit crowded inside, since we have to stay together as a group, and i really wanted to hear the explanation from the “medieval guide”.

At the end, I was so grateful that i visited Burg Eltz. It is really as beautiful as the pictures on the net, it is really a fairy tale! Too bad, no pictures inside the castle. They’re impressive rooms, anyway!

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