#14 Europe Chapter 2 : Bus Problem in Munich

I was less than 24 hr in Munich. Actually, i kind of avoid Germany on this trip, but at the end i visited Munich and Nuremberg. I have a friend studying in Nuremberg, I haven’t seen her for quite a long time. We were not really that close, when she was still in Surabaya. But since she moved to germany, we talked more on FB. Weird isn’t it? Hahaha! Anyway, when i planed my trip, i know i would need to pass Germany, unless i would like to take a plane, and i won’t. So, why not visiting her in Nuremberg!

I took a train from Hallstatt – Austria to Munich – Germany. From Munich, i would take a bus ride to Nuremberg. From Nuremberg, another bus ride to Brussels – Belgium. The bus was damn cheap! From Munich to Nurember was EUR 5, while Nuremberg to Brussels was EUR 9. Of course, it cost a lot compare to bus ride in my cheap-home-country-Indonesia. But…… the  bus was better a lot. Unlike buses in Indonesia that ugly and almost fell apart, bus in western europe are in perfect shape. Every passenger got a proper seat, with fix seat number. They would make proper stop along the way. They drive safely, so we don’t need to pray along the way. And they are supposed to be on time, or at least consider as one. Well….. wait till my story end…..  Flixbus apparently become the biggest bus company in western europe now. They bought smaller bus companies, add more bus, and more lines. Friend of mine keep on telling me that Flixbus kind of doing monopoly, and it is illegal, actually. It price also amazingly cheap……. and it is kind of illegal as well, said him. I think he have been adopt the western mind lately. As an Indonesian, i’m still thinking that the cheaper the better! hahaha!

I got 1 text message from Flixbus when i was in Munich, a day before my departure schedule. It was written in Deutch (what elase), it shows some number, i just don’t understand. The next early morning, i walked to the bus station, i was 1 hour early from my departed time. Once i got there, i tried to figure out how the system works, and where to wait for my bus, and i kind of find it.

After sometimes, i asked bus crew about my bus. He said, my bus was canceled (WHAT??) and it have replaced. I showed him the text i got on my phone. He said, it was written that i got replacement bus, the number was written on the text as well (GREAT!) The replacement bus was there on front of me, and it would leave about 15 min later than my original bus.  Oh yeaaaahh!! That’s transport management, in Germany level!!

BUT!!!….. here come the but.

When i was about to jumped to the bus, the crew bus just rejected me! I showed him the text, and my original ticket. He just don’t care. He told me to go to office to sort things out (FUCK!) So, i went to the office, across the bus park. It was small office with small rather unorganized counter. There were some customer there, while behind the counter, there was only 1 guy!! Fuck and fuck!! After i got my talking turn, i told him my problem. He said, my bus was delayed for 3 hr. I could wait if i want to. BAD option! The other option is, i need to go to the ticket office up stair, ask for refund, or another bus that leave earlier. Another BAD option!!

My english was not good, neither did that guy in the counter, i believe! But it just could not stopped myself from yelling and rumbling about this horrible situation. “I came from developed country! I’m used to this kind of shit. But i’m in Germany now! I was not expecting this situation from Germany!!”

I didn’t really know, if my anger had really moved him. Or he simply just realized he has another option. He make sure that i need to go to Nuremberg, grabbed my ticket, and rushed toward a bus. I followed him instantly. He scribbled on my ticket, handed it to the bus crew, and told him i need to go to Nuremberg.

That’s it….. I get a bus, 30 min later from my original bus………

#13 Europe Chapter 2 : Sketching along the way

Actually, i’m kind of proud of myself. I make it to sketch a long my way! Seriously, even my sister think i drew a lot more in that 30 days of traveling, than the days i’m at home!! This is the luxury of traveling alone. I can sit and draw wherever i want, and for how long i need. To be honest, i don’t always on the mood of drawing, but i managed to push myself to at least make something simple, so i can keep the mood alive. I know, once i break the “string” it would be hard to re-build the mood.

So, here are my sketch a long the road!!


first sketch was frm Acropolis, Athens. It was hot as hell in Greece, i was in long queue to to get inside Acropolis. Once i got inside, i feel like i don’t want to go out fast. Because 1# It is a beautiful historic site, so magical. 2# I have been queuing long enough, why should i go out fast?? 3# It is expensive!! I want to absorb the acropolis air maximally!! So, i sat there, under the shadow, and sketching!



This one was random pedestrian in Athens. It was a great spot under the tree, on an interesting pedestrian, on comfy park chair.



This one is Mykonos. I love this island, although it was bank-breaker-spot!! But the view is just unique. All building are white and blue, the path are black and white. Splash of fuchsia from the bougainvillea put some accentuation. I have not much choice to do in this expensive pit, it turned out to be good, actually. I end up siting under the tree, in one alley, and sketching! That was the coolest things i could do in the hot Mykonos



This one is the view from my hotel room, Philippi Hotel- Mykonos


I was waiting for the “famous” sunset at Oia, Santorini (Greece). It was a perfect spot, just a few meters from the fort, facing the wind mill, and the most important, under the shade. Anyway…… Oia is sooooo damn awesome!!! I wish i can stay here 😀



I love historic site, and Greece have them almost everywhere! This one is Akrotiri, in Santorini. This site probably the oldest settlement in the whole europe. The scientist believe this site was established in 5th millennium BC! They kind of believe that this settlement has been a possible inspiration for Plato’s story of Atlantis. The whole city was covered by volcanic ashes, from Theran eruption about 1627 BC. The site has been excavated since 1967, and now it have been postpone due to Greece financial problem.



This one from Sinaia – Romania. After visiting the Peleș Castle, i was walking around the area. The Peleș Castle was too complicated to sketch, i was too lazy! So, i’m happy to find this interesting building on the area!



This one from square in old town, Sibiu – Romania. I was wandering around the old town. It was rainy, and i was so lazy.



Still in Sibiu-Romania. My laziness just hit the highest scale. Well, at least i did sketching, even though it was a non detail yet simple one 🙂



Budapest train station (Hungary). I took a night train from Romania to Hungary, i arrived to the Budapest city in this train station. I love it instantly. The architecture was so beautiful! I don’t really like the atmosphere in this train station, to be honest….. But still, beautiful building. So, on my second day in Budapest, i went to this train station just to make the sketch.



This is a random roof in Budapest (Hungary). Looking at the small drawing coverage and the poor details….. yes, my mood was dropped again 😀



Rathausplatz, Vienna-Austria. This small mobile coffee seller was so interesting. The size is similar with “Bajaj”. The cabin only fit for 1 person, yet the equipment behind was awesome! Big Italian coffee machine, all the utilities, and ingredients, are all packed nicely!



Rathausplatz, Vienna-Austria. The Rathaus is awesome!!! Grandeur building, lots of details, i just can not imagine how those drafter drew them. They didn’t use AutoCad, i bet! It was a film festival in Rathaus, so they put giant screen, blocking a bit of the building. They also arranged nice stadium style bench there.



Still from Rathausplatz, Vienna-Austria. It was also food bazaar in Rathausplatz! May be it is also connected to the film festival. Sorry, i was alone, no one explain me anything, and anything was written in Deutch. How they organized the food bazaar was awesome! I’m totally amazed. All the food stands in same modular size. Of course they personalized their booth. The sitting area for costumer was arranged well. All temporary bench and table was designed well. They are weather proof, rigid effective and interesting. Last but not least. They use real plate, real cutlery, nothing disposable. They arranged some effective washing dishes post. I guest it would be a good summer job for student, to work on a bazaar like this.



Hallstatt-Austria. I was lucky, it was properly sunny when i was there. Hallstatt is really beautiful yet touristic. the village looks like village from fairy tale books. The mountain, the lake, everything is magical! The down side is….. expensive. YES!! I could not afford staying in the Hallstatt village, so i stayed across the lake, in Obertroun. Hallstatt and surrounding are always busy with tourist, both in summer and winter.



This is drawing from my room balcony, in Obertraun. I was staying in Haus Am See. My room was a single bed room with shower, and shared toilet. My balcony is awesome!! I sat there, drawing, trying to absorb the “magical” air as much as possible. The area are cold even in Summer August, well, at least cold for me. Fog covering the lake in the morning and evening time.



My last sketch from Hallstatt. This is the Hallstatt train station, where tourist got off, and walk down to catch the boat to Hallstatt village. I was here to catch my train to Munich. It was drizzling all day. My hand was a bit shaky, so does with my sketch 😀



Brussels – Belgium. Brussels is really interesting. It is somehow looks like Amsterdam, with the buildings that lining coincide along the narrow stone path. Unlike Amsterdam that using lots of red bricks, Brussels have many art nuveau buildings. I was sketching in old part of the city, on the most touristic spot in Brussels. The chocolate shop i drew was so interesting. Too bad, i was wandering the old town with a friend, so i didn’t have the full freedom the do sketch. Beside, the summer sun was on its full glory, and there was no shade…..



Still in Brussels. I don’t know where is it actually. i was on tram ride, when enter the area, where slim houses stood in a row. They are art nuveau, art deco, simple european style, all are beautiful and elegant. So, i jumped out the tram, find a spot, and did small sketch.



Nijmegen – The Netherlands. I visited the city just because a friend of mine were studying here. The Nijmegen old town is not big, but quite interesting. Judging from the sketch i produced, it was clear, i was LAZY at that time :p



This is a canal under De Goyer windmill, Amsterdam. I went here to see the windmill, and i was too stupid to read further about it. It is turned out to be a good brewery, and i didn’t realize it. So, yes…. i didn’t taste the traditional Dutch Y-lake (Ijmeer) beer. That’s called stoopid.



Jordaan, Amsterdam – The Netherlands. This canal is near by the Anne Frank museum. I was thinking about visiting the museum, but i was not sure either. I was not in the mood of museum. The museum was quite packed actually, people were lining religiously. So, i decided to walk down the canal a bit, and sketching instead of queuing on the museum.



Last sketch i did in the trip. This was De Pijp, Amsterdam – The Netherlands. The cafe called De Wasserette.

#12 Europe Chapter 2 : Belgian Waffle Myth

I think, the whole world believe that waffle is the Belgian national food, well….. at least the most popular snack in Belgium.  That’s why, the tour-bus people would ride the bus from Amterdam to Paris, trough Brussels. So they can stop by for a few hours to make photo of pee-pee boy (Manneken Pis) and eat Belgian waffle. Therefore, they can call themselves officially visiting Belgium!


The facts is, for Belgian, waffle is nothing to do with their identity. Why?

1# They would eat waffle like…….. once a year??

2# Waffle seller are not always available in their neighborhood. Apparently, waffle seller are only exist in touristic area. I guess it is obvious, waffle is more a tourist food, than Belgian food

3# Even most Belgian have no idea about that famous “Belgian waffle”

So, what is more Belgian than waffle? Let me introduce you, Belgian Frites!! Literary means Belgian fries. The most popular one is pommes frites, aka french fries. But they insist it is not french fries, cos they cut the potato bigger, unlike the itsy-bitsy-skinny french fries. Pommes frites also fresh cut and fried, while french fries mostly frozen. They also provide many kind of dipping sauce!


Belgian frites stalls exist everywhere, not just in touristic area. In the small city or even village, there would be at least 2 stalls selling frites. And Belgian eat them a lot as snack.

OK……, Belgian waffle is over-glamorized by tourist industry. But….. it is not overated, at least not for me. Belgian waffle are different compare to other waffle cos they are using dough instead of batter to make it. So, yes, they are special, and worth try.

belgian-beerAnother thing that is really Belgian is beer. First of all, in Belgium, there are many kinds of beers. There are abbey beers, sour beers, lagers, pilsner beers and ……. i don’t know, i guess there would be more.

When talking about beer, to be honest, most of us would think about Germany. They have biggest-craziest beer festival, named October fest, they must be that beer country! The fact is, Belgium also known as beer country. Unlike Germany who have their beer brewed in big brewery, Belgium beer is more like craftsmanship.  There are lots of small brewery in Belgium.

Belgian people think that Heineken taste like pee, sorry…….

Beer culture in Belgium is different compare to Germany, and nothing like October fest. Belgian love to drink beer, in “proper” amount, they love to taste them properly, not just drink a lot and pass out. They also love to experimenting with their brewery, such as adding fruit into the process. In the bar or cafe, they serve certain beer in certain glass! Some beer could share the same glass, but mostly each beer have their own glass. Yes….. As you can imagine, this means that each bar has upwards of 70 types of glasses, in all different shapes and sizes. I have no idea how they store those.

They called it the right beer in the right glass to preserve the taste. I called it beer-totality, hahaha!


I would say, tourist have to taste Belgian beer properly, so they can call themselves “officially visiting Belgium”.

#5 Europe Chapter 2 : Wandering Around In Santorini

Santorini is one of the most touristic place i’ve ever visit. I think, 70% population of Santorini island during summer time is tourist! 30% would be local. I went there right in the high season! It was early of August. I wasn’t really pay attention about it, until some friends pointed me out. I was thinking, yeah…….but i want to be in Europe on summer this time! Anyway……this decision cost me some money, that’s obvious! Hahahha!!

The most significant differences between shoulder season and high season would be accommodation price. It could be dropped to half on shoulder season. Off season/winter would not be a good choice to visit the island. Most of the hotels, restaurant, shops, everything would be close! Well, mostly, not all. There should be some open in Fira.  For the complete season guide to santorini, i found this website really useful! But i found it lately, after i’m back home. Hahaha!

How to move around in the island? Tourist have some options. Rent a scooter bike, (remember the closing scene of “Bourne Identity” movie? Marie Kreutz, the girl, she is renting scooter somewhere in Greece) rent a car (quite popular), rent ATV (weird to see the ATV on asphalt), taxi, and my favorite…….. local bus!! And….. lots of walks, of course. Well, actually lots of places in Santorini consist of narrow pathways with combination of steps, they require lots of walks…… That’s part of the Santorini charm, though.

eur-5Back to the Bus. Bus cost around 1,8 EUR to 2,4 EUR, depend on the destination. For the complete bus schedule and price, please have a look here bus-santorini. The ticket purchased on the bus, by the bus crew, not the driver!

At the beginning, i was thinking about renting scooter, but it was quite expensive, and i have no one to share the cost. Parking also not easy in santorini. So, i stick to local bus all over the time, except for two rides from the new port to the hotel, and the hotel to airport. The hotel owner give me a ride for those occasions.

Bus in Santorini works like shuttle. All of them started from Fira bus station heading somewhere on the island, and back to Fira. There are bus stop a long the way, we can catch them on the bus stop. So…… it might sounds wasting time to ride back to Fira, just to catch another bus to another destination. But that’s the most simple way of using this local bus. I pretty much enjoyed this back and forth kind of ride, because 1#Santorini is pretty small, the longest ride might take 30 maximal 2#the scenery along the road also interesting. So, let’s consider the bus ride as part of sight seeing! hahaha! Compare to buses in Surabaya, they look better, with working AC.


#3 Europe Chapter 2 : Bitter Sweet Amsterdam


Amsterdam was on the end of the road. I mean, it was the last city i visited in Europe, before i flew back to equator. After spending 30 days enjoying the trip, i was quite in mixed felling that day. Leaving Europe is pretty difficult, hahaha. At the same time, i realized how much money i have spent, and i running out of money, of course. The last thing, I can’t deny the urge of coming back to work.

Something annoying about The Netherlands transport system is, their ticket machine only excepts cards and coins! Cards means OV-card (Netherlands public transport card), and credit cards. They didn’t except bank notes. Meanwhile…….the ticket kiosk with human inside also pretty rare. They only exist in big stations! And they would not open for 24 hours for sure! There are times when the kiosk are empty, and it is often actually. Human labor in western europe are expensive, that’s why, machine would be a lot more effective, than putting human in charge.

So, there i was, in Lelylaan station/bus terminal Amsterdam, i need to take a train to Schiphol airport. The second i arrived there by tram, i could not even find the ticket machine! After asking to some people, i found the small hall, that was the train station main entrance.

The train ride cost 4 EUR, while my coins was not even 2 EUR! There was small office in the train station. I was confidently get inside, just to found that they could not help at all. It was GVB office. GVB only handle local transports, such as tram, and bus. While the one i needed was intercity train to Schiphol. The guy in the kiosk didn’t want to exchange my 20 EUR bank note with coins. What a nice! He suggested me to shop something on convenient store around the corner in order to get change. I went there, turned out that the convenient store not even have cashier in charge!! The costumer have to self scanned their groceries and pay with……… YES, credit card!

The next 5 min, i found myself “begging” to people on the machine to buy me ticket!

I hold my 20 EUR bank notes, explaining that i have no coins, and i need the ticket to Schiphol. One lady have no time for me. Another guy (was a tourist as well) have no change for my money.  Another guy not interested at all. And finally, a lady took me seriously. She have no change as well…… And she decided to just give me the ticket for free!! I was rejecting it, but she was insisted. She told me that she have lots of money to spent, i’m sure it was a joke…..

I’m so grateful meeting her, like….. i can not express how grateful i am!!  

#2 Europe Chapter 2 : Eurail Pass Dilema

Three years ago, when i was visiting western Europe for the first time, i didn’t purchase Eurail Pass.

Why? Because, It is DAMN expensive! I was traveling for 30 days, the card valid for 30 days is 926 EUR! What the hell! That was more than half of the whole trip budget! It was 2/3 of my budget, actually. So, i didn’t buy it!

This time, i have more time to think about the Eurail pass. And, i have a friend who put high praise on this card. He said, it was damn useful, and it have cut his train budget to half!! That’s sound fantastic! By the way, here is his post about Eurail pass, just in case you want to know. It is in Bahasa Indonesia.

So, i was tempted to use this pass. With this pass,  you can take as many trains as you like between midnight and midnight that day, 1 train or 20 trains, 10 miles or 800 miles, you can stay on trains all day of you really want to!!  Though there may be seat reservations or small supplements to pay on certain trains. I won’t use the one valid for 30 days, of course! That’s still expensive to the hell, but i can use the one valid for 7 days within a month? It is 559 EUR. So, i can pick the date where i would travel a lot by train.

At the end…… i didn’t use it 🙂

Why? According to The man in seat 61,

……..You may have come to this page thinking that railpasses save money, but these days they often don’t.  It’s more accurate to think of them as the deluxe option offering affordable go-as-you-please flexibility, instead of cheaper pre-booked budget train fares that fix your plans in stone……..

So…… First of all, i’m no longer under 26, that’s pretty sad actually. I believe my spirit ages is no older than 21, but…. well, the Eurail pass count my physical ages, instead of my spirit 😀 I have to buy first class Eurail pass for this.

Second, I would traveling alone. So, i would not have that 15% discount.

Third, I have my itinerary engraved on the marble stone. I mean, it is fixed. I have only 30 days to travel, as said on my schengen visa. I have my promo no refundable flight home booked. I’m not rich yet, my budget is limited with capital “L”! So, why don’t make it fixed, then?  So, i can book all the train trip i need 2 months in advance. As soon as the visa granted, i can book my ticket.

Here is the comparison between booked in advance and go show.

eur 1

Forth, I don’t mind traveling by bus. Bus is a lot cheaper compare to train. Coming from Indonesia, where intercity buses are SUCK to the max, buses in europe looks like transport from heaven to me. It seats are comfortable, it have rather reliable  schedule, no kamikaze driver, big room for luggage, AC, and their stops are near downtown. Oh yeah, they would also stops at least once every hour. Ok, bus would took longer hour to travel compare to train, but i think it is still reasonably comfortable traveling hours.

eur 2

OK, now moment of truth! How much money actually i spent on the train tickets during my trip in 6 countries?  They are 212,5 EUR! So, yeah, apparently i made good choice to not using Eurail Pass. This sum still half cheaper than the cheapest Eurail Pass, which is around 400 EUR!




# 8 South Korea in the end of April 2015 : Sketches From Korea

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# 7 South Korea in the end of April 2015 : Adventure In Jeju


# 6 South Korea in the end of April 2015 : Transport Chaos

Well, actually, public transport in South Korea is nothing close to chaos. It would probably be bit different in rural area, on that matter, i think Nicola MKH would know better. At least in those all cities i have visited, i never had probs with public transportation. Ok, let’s make some sumary


Most of the time i use subway. It is really convenient. The map is everywhere, and it is in english, so…. no complain. Here is some of useful links for subway in seoul, interactive mapmap. Don’t forget, to find the map at the airport, and buy the e-money in convenient store. Top up could be done in the convenient store, or machine. Don’t worry, the machine does speak english.

The other transport i use was Taxi. Good news! Taxi is quite traveler friendly. They don’t try to scam, and the price is quite affordable. Well, with the exception for the taxi in Daegwallyeong, i might say over all, taxi in South Korea are consider as decent emergency exit. Problem might occur with old driver. They could not read latin alphabet, and their english is barely useless. So…..showing map would works, showing photos, or simply showing the hangul. Make sure they know the destination, before wheeling off.

A bit problem with the subway train. Sometimes, the card is error, so, we can not go trough the gate. When that incident happened, no need to worry! Go to the help door, usually at the end of the gate row. Push the help button, and put the e-money card on the “tray”. Usually the gate would open just like that. Sometimes there are people talking on the microphone, just put the card, and answer in english (assuming Korean is not on ur skill list). They would open it anyway. Before going to the help door, please make sure you have enough credit on the card!!!

Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm

I went to Hoengye-ri by bus, from Dong Seoul bus terminal. I think it was express bus. They are goes directly from one city to another. So far, all terminal bus have clear platform, and english written destinations. The ticket booth ladies also recognize the cities i mentioned. I found Korean pronunciation as quite easy, and it is strongly make sense, when i read the latin alphabet version. The bus is air conditioned, comfortable seating arrangement, and scheduled! That’s awesome! Plus, there are plenty of them. At least, there would be 1 bus every hour. I love Korea intercity bus!!   kor 8Meanwhile, taxi from Hoengye terminal to the farm is irrationally expensive. For 15 min ride, about 8.000-10.000 KRW. But, i have no choice. I read everywhere, they mentioned the same price! So, apparently, it have become “official” around that area. I made appointment with the same taxi for the ride back from the farm. Again, no choice. The farm is quite secluded, there are nothing around that area.

Naminara Republic

I went there by train from Hongdae-Seoul, to Gapyeong station, continue to the wharf with taxi. With the exception  of the evangelists who bugging around the Gapyeong station and bus stop, trying to stop me from enjoying my lunch, there was no probs at all in Nami.  The taxi from Gapyeong to the wharf was 3000KRW. Another option is bus and walking. It is still consider as walking distance (1,6 km), but, no pedestrian. From the wharf, i took taxi back to the Gapyeong station, continue to Chuncheon by train.

Sokcho – Seorak mountain

From Chungcheon, i continue with express intercity bus to Sokcho. The Chungcheon express intercity bus terminal was not far from the station, about 15 min walking. Usually I ask direction at the convenient store keeper. Usually they are young, so, chance to speak english is bigger. Anyway, i can always show them map. So far, i found everyone could answer simple question such as : Bus station? or Train station? Correctly!

Generally, I would say, Korean are nice and helpful to foreigner.

kor 9From Sokcho to Seorak montain is about 30 min by city bus. The local city bus doesn’t except the e-money from Seoul. The bus would take cash only, and it was 1000KRW.  I grabbed the bus from the bus stop, right on front of the express intercity bus terminal. It is bus number 7. I was together with bunch of school kids in the bus. It was packed and noisy! Hahaha!

Jeonju, hanok village

I went to Jeonju from Seoul, by the free shuttle bus. The meeting point was in Gwanghwamun, to be exact, at the Donghwa duty free shop parking lot. I made my reservation online before leaving Indonesia. The bus is awesome!! Comfortable, clean, on time, and…… FREE! This free shuttle bus would back to Seoul in the evening. Enough time to wander around the hanok village and the city.

In my case, i continued to Gwangju, instead of back to Seoul. From Jeonju, i took express city bus to Gwangju. It cost me 6.600 KRW.


I took taxi from the U-square bus terminal to my host house. It was a bit of difficulties. The first taxi driver was quite old, he could not read the address. So, i went back into the terminal, finding bunch of teenage Korean who was not too busy with their phone. Asked them about the address, and translate them into Hangul. It was works really well.

Actually, bus and train system in Korea have a nice and effective apps for smart phone. Just typed down the starting spot, and the destination, the apps would give you some transport alternatives. BUT…….. they are in hangul!! Yes, definitely not works for me. But…..still helps. So, basically Korean with smart phones could always help us. Try to find the young ones, always. I got helped to find bus to Soswaewon garden.

From Gwangju, i use ferry to Jeju island. This ferry comes with free shuttle transfer, cos, actually, the port is in Jangheung, 2,5 hours from Gwangju! The shuttle bus would pick me at U square (bus terminal) at 6 am! That was pretty early! So, i order taxi from my host to the U square.

The Orange Ferry departed from Gwangju (Jangheung port) to Seongsan port in Jeju island. It cost me 38.500 KRW. Here is the website. In hangul? YES! No english version. I got helped by Korean friend who life in Jeju. I know him from traveling forum. He bought me the ticket, and i paid him when i arrive at Jeju. It was really a blessing…… I read in the other blogs, they said, you can asked the help desk in the airport, to book the ticket.kor 10Once we arrived at Jangheung port, we have to exchange the online ticket to the real ticket, on the ticket booth. This was something i didn’t aware of. I thought the printed ticket was work the same, just like the ticket from booth. Euw…. Glad i found it quickly. So, i can get into the ferry smoothly.

Anyway, the ferry was good, clean, and spacious.  Not really foreign friendly……. but still manageable!

Jeju Island

I was using combination Taxi and bus in Jeju island. Actually, bus in Jeju island is not too difficult to master. More over, Jeju government have tried to accommodate the independent traveler. At the beginning, i was thinking that i need to stick on taxi, that was what i got from the blogs. Too much hassle with bus. Taxi would cost me about 130,000 KRW for 9 hours, IF we are traveling in a group of 4. For 2 people, it would be 150.000 KRW. To be honest, that’s quite a lot for a day. More over, we could not traveling in a group of 4, cos, the other 2 person decided to travel independently, leaving just 2 of us. Me, and miss Mini. So, we canceled the taxi.

At the end, bus was not that bad……. Thanks God.

Bus in Jeju would stop on bus stop only, just like anywhere in Korea. The bus in Jeju works with the e-money  I brought from Seoul. The bus rate is not flat, so, we need to tell the driver, our destination, before hoovering the card on the machine. The bus rate for short ride was around 3000 KRW or less. Latin alphabet are not available everywhere yet, only in the “popular” stop, usually stops near by tourist attraction. Well, good efforts though!

here is the general bus route, covering quite a lot tourist spots. For bigger map, click here jeju-intercity-bus-routes


We were staying in Jeju-si, while, some places we wanted to visit is in Seogwipo, in the other side of the island! So, we tried to catch a bus when we could, taxi would be the second option. Some bus stop are faaaaaar away from the tourist attraction, in this situation, taxi become a life save. Buses are quite on time, and reliable. This is intercity bus terminal in Jeju-si, quite tidy, isn’t it? Even the toilets are clean!

kor 11Once we got a bit of problem with older taxi driver, on front of O’sulloc tea museum, Jeju. We need to go to Sanbanggulsa Grotto. We showed the tourist map, but he seemed to be confused.  He quick make a phone, and gave it to us. Surprise-surprise! The woman on the phone speak decent english! I guess that woman was the officer at the taxi company. So….. we arrived at the Sanbanggulsa Grotto smoothly!

Busan City

Busan have subway network, so, not a big deal. Beside subway, we were using taxi a, cos we were traveling in a group of 4. The good number to taxi-ing around.










# 5 South Korea in the end of April 2015 : Daegwallyeong Farm

I don’t really remember how i ended up making decision to visit this sheep farm. It was definitely from the net, but….. what was the “key word”? Not “sheep farm”, for sure, i didn’t even have “sheep farm” inside my head, when i decided to visit Korea. So…..have no idea! I forgot!

It doesn’t matter though. The one that matter is, i visited it, and i’m happy!

The Daegwallyeong sheep farm is quite far from Seoul. It is more or less 2,5 hours by bus from Seoul. I took the bus from Dong Seoul bus terminal. Dong Seoul terminal is located on front of exit 4, Gangbyeon station. I took the bus to Hoengye-ri, stop at the Hoengye terminal, it cost 14.500 KRW. From this terminal to the farm, by taxi, it cost 8000-10.000KRW. Expensive!!! YES!! It is really short ride, about 15 mins. Walking is quite challenging, cos there are no pedestrian, it was highway, actually. Cars are speeding along the road.  

The bus from Hoengye-ri to Seoul is available till 8pm, so, enough time to sight seeing in the farm.

That’s why, 2 months before my departure to Korea, i posted my plan to visit Daegwallyeong in Couchsurfing forum, hoping to get travel buddy, so we can share the taxi. I got 3 promising reply. One of them canceled, leaving 2 Korean girls. At the end, one of those 2 girl were missing. She didn’t show up at Dong Seoul, as we agreed. That’s OK, i went there with 1 companion, and i’m still happy!

Once i arrived in the farm, i feel like going inside Korean romantic illustration! The green meadow stretched wide, under the blue sky, decorated with winding path. From the distance, hills layered in 50 shades of green. Wooden hut stand tall in the hill, wooden bench under the trees. Softly, i heard K-series kind of sound track…… Am i having hallucination, or what?? Or this meadow have hypnotized me? Actually……. there are some speaker around the farm, playing the music! Hahaha!! It was good though, it builds the mood nicely! Too bad, the sheep are still in the barn, they would off for grazing in May, which was 2 days after my planned trip. That’s OK though, i still really enjoy the scenery.

kor 7

The entrance fee was 3000KRW, including small basket of hay, to feed the cute sheep. Well, feeding the sheep is fun, when it is not a job, hahaha!

The best time to visit the farm is during summer, and winter, i guess? Do not visiting the farm on rainy days! It would be covered by thick fog, muddy, and….. what is the point of walking around the farm under the rain?

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